About Us

Marcia headshotMarcia Raheb has been working with media professionals for more than 2 decades now. Her commercial experience as a leader coupled with her coaching and mentoring skills have helped her develop a thorough appreciation of what really matters in business- people.

Marcia believes that whilst most of us are in the communication business, few of us are actually connecting. Or at best, we connect with those that we “get”.

Her signature training, ‘ESP’, is about learning a human behavioural code. You can”mind read” your clients, your colleagues and even your market when you apply this code. Sales becomes much easier and conversions sky rocket.

She is an ICF Coach, an NLP practitioner and accredited consultant in Extended-Disc, one of the most powerful profiling tools available.

samantha-jayne-headshotSamantha Jayne is a Global Relationship Expert, Matchmaker, and Relationship Adviser to Ten’s Hit Series “The Bachelor”

A frequent contributor to talkback radio and  columnist for some of the country’s most prominent media, for the past 12 years, Samantha has worked with thousands of people to help them take charge of their results by applying the science behind how people work. She has discovered how you can tap into the hidden powers of influence and persuasion and use them to create the success that you want.


Denise Shrivell from MediaScope is affiliated with Media Pitchfest.Denise Shrivell - MediaScope - Nov 13

Denise has been actively involved in the advertising, media & publishing industry in Australia & overseas for almost 30 years working with both agencies and major publishers.

5 years ago she launched MediaScope – which offers a range of resources and services for marketers, agencies and media – including the well known ‘MediaScapes’, Q&A profiles, annual State of the Media research, a media directory and training.


Our signature training programme combines the art and science of Relationships and Sales. These are methods exclusive to Media Pitchfest. We share them with you.