Pandora picks up Pitchfest award


As seen on AdNews on 23 May 2014. Pandora was crowned the winner of the first Media Pitch Fest event held at the AdNews Media Sales Summit yesterday, and a second event is on the way. Media agencies including UM, ZenithOptimedia and Match are already on board. Yahoo!7 was a close second with its pitch that involved two Ken-dolls and toy cars to outline how its data products that combine offline and online data to allow advertisers to target users on its digital platforms with relevant messages. However what got Pandora over the line was its personalised pitch that involved creating … [Read more...]

Collaborate but be picky

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As seen in AdNews on 22 May 2014. Collaborating with businesses that already hold the keys to your target market is the secret to success, according to Wolf of Wall Street advisor Kerwin Rae. But be ultra-selective on who you choose. Jordan Belfort, who was immortalised by Leonardo DiCaprio in the Hollywood film, gets his business advice from Kerwin Rae. And Rae was in town to share some of his tips at the AdNews Media Sales Summit this morning. The unlikely business prodigy's ADHD, dyslexia, absence of qualifications and six near-death experiences (starting with severed arteries … [Read more...]

Life’s a pitch: Hone your skills at the Media Sales Summit

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As seen in AdNews on 15 Apr 2014 Pitching will take on a speed dating format as marketers and agencies get the chance to hone their skills during this year's AdNews Media Sales Summit. Media Pitchfest is designed to create a fast flow of ideas, insights and information. A Pitch Room will be set up where media, after being presented with a brief, will present directly to marketers and key media agency decision-makers at 'pitch tables'. Each pitch will last five minutes before pitchers must move on to the next table. Review forms will be completed for each presenter. The session … [Read more...]

Channel your inner Jordan “Wolf of Wall Street” Belfort

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As seen in AdNews on 01 May 2014 by Rosie Baker “Cocaine and hookers, my friend.” That’s the advice Jordan ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Belfort got from his boss on his first day of Wall Street and he followed it right to the top. Now he’s on the straight and narrow he gets his advice from someone else. And that someone else is Kerwin Rae. When he’s not in “cerebal palsy stage” of the ‘ludes, Belfort, who was immortalised by Leonardo DiCaprio in the recent movie, goes to Rae for advice. And he’s coming to the AdNews Media Sales Summit*. Rae will expand on the summit's central theme - … [Read more...]