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Do you wonder why some sales pitches work and others don’t? Why you sometimes connect and communicate quicker and easier with some people than others?

Today you have to rise to a new level

When you’re the front man, the person that has to take the idea, proposal or call to the market,  you need to know exactly how to communicate a more complete presentation,  in a much shorter time frame.

You can’t afford to ramble, or take too much of anyone’s time. The audience brain won’t give you more time. And worse, when attention runs dry, in about 20 minutes, the brain starts forgetting information it already received.

MediaSummit@2014_260Our Pitch Boot Camp strategies help you deliver the right message in the right way with the right format.

When you  understand the ‘type’ of client you’re dealing with, the faster your ability to build trust, persuade and influence. 

Learn how to deliver a successful presentation to influence and persuade.

We use the  latest innovations and insights into professional persuasion and human decision making behaviour.

You Will Discover:

The specialist formula for asking the right questions to understand and position your business as first choice.MediaSummit@2014_241

How to Get The Message Right – The keys to creating, customising and delivering a message that gets through and creates a response.

The Human Behavioural Code – Learn how to communicate really effectively with different people in various contexts. Discover how to have rapport and connection  within 5 minutes of meeting someone.     Cut through the clutter and use powerful and persuasive language- both verbal and non-verbal.

Win new clients | Boost revenue | Grow your customers

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